The BOS says roads are not their responsibility. FALSE! We gave them the money, they chose how to spend it. For $430,000,000 they’II fix their incompetence.

10 reasons to defeat road repair bond:

1) Voter’s priorities put roads in the top 3, BUT NO MONEY FOR ROAD REPAIRS.

2) The BOS has plenty of money to pay 30% above appraisal for a bowling alley plus $4,000,000 for renovations, BUT NO MONEY FOR ROAD REPAIR.

3) Since 2004 the BOS has given over $250,000,000 to Banner Hospital, BUT NO MONEY FOR ROAD REPAIR.

4) The BOS spent $8,750,000 in 2014 for land to repurpose the failed Kino ballpark that was voted down in 2015, BUT NO MONEY FOR ROAD REPAIR.

5) The BOS approved assuming a defunct golf course in Green Valley, forgiving owner of $100,000 penalty, BUT NO MONEY FOR ROAD REPAIRS.

6) The BOS can pay County Administrator Huckelberry an annual salary OVER $400,000, with perks, BUT NO MONEY FOR ROAD REPAIR.

7) To maintain a road costs a fraction of what it costs to repair and can double its life, Yet NO MONEY FOR MAINTENANCE.

8) Without road maintenance, the BOS will need another bond, again to cover their incompetence.

9) Bonds aren’t necessary. The BOS could raise the Primary tax to equal the drop in Secondary Tax as old bonds are paid off. This would be political suicide, so they put lipstick on it, call it a bond and stick you with $33,000,000+ in interest and expenses.

10) The best alternative is adjusting the budget. ( Stop rewarding incompetence. Remove it in 2020.

Joe Boogaart

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