There is one common thread to the terrible road conditions in Pima County—we need to look no further than the board majority and the county administrator who has overseen the downfall of the roads in Pima County. The road conditions are not a revenue problem—it is a spending problem—it is a problem of setting proper priorities. If the HURF and VLT funds were used to maintain roads as intended, our county roads would be in much better condition. The county administrator frequently refers to the state clawing back HURF and VLT funds for other purposes while doing exactly the same thing within Pima County. Of the 82+ million dollar HURF and VLT funds that are allocated to Pima County per year, 26 million becomes part of the county’s general fund, and 40 million is spent to cover the vast majority of the 43 million dollar annual budget for the county’s transportation department. – John Backer, realtor

THIS county has been misdirecting MILLIONS in highway and gasoline revenue FOR YEARS. Now these same Supervisors who have let your roads go to pieces WANT EVEN MORE OF YOUR MONEY! How crazy is that? Where do they spend their millions? A bowling alley! A golf course! More land that they don’t need! A hydrogen balloon explosion! (THAT misadventure will run in the TENS OF MILLIONS!) But not roads. Don’t let them get away with it! They should and COULD do everything needed for our roads out of the regular budget of $1.35 BILLION—per year! – Barney Brenner, community activist

The BOS says roads are not their responsibility. FALSE! We gave them the money, they chose how to spend it. For $430,000,000 they’II fix their incompetence. – Joe Boogart, former Bond Committee member