I strongly urge you to vote NO on Proposition 463 in November. Unincorporated Pima County is projecting they will receive an estimated $91 million in HURF (gas tax) and Vehicle License tax distributions
in the current fiscal year county budget. The bulk of these monies are used to fund the salaries and overhead budget for the Department of Transportation which is projected to be more than $43 million
this year. Per the County Administrator this bond will provide only $166,833,891 for unincorporated Pima County roads. That is less than 2 years of the HURF/VLT distributions Pima County is expected to receive from the state based upon the current year projection of $91 million. This debt issuance will absolutely raise your secondary property taxes for bond debt. Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric! The county is required by Arizona law to give notice that the issuance of these bonds will result in a property tax increase in this publicity pamphlet. You will pay all expenses incidental as well as issuance costs for these bonds. If the electorate does not approve these bonds your property taxes to cover debt will decrease each year as the existing debt is paid off. Please stop enabling the mismanagement of your tax dollars by giving the county more of your money. Hold the Board of Supervisors Accountable. Vote NO on Proposition 463 in November.

Supervisor Ally Miller, Pima County, District 1

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