You are being asked to support passing a $430 million dollar bond package to pay for road repairs. Learn the facts before you vote! The bonds being sought are “tax exempt” bonds. This type of bond only allows for road repairs classified as “Capitalized Assets.” What’s the difference between Capitalized and Non-Capitalized Asset road repair work

• Capitalized Asset Road Work: reconstruction and repair; mill and fill
• Non-Capitalized Asset Road Work: any type of micro seal (chip, fog, etc.)

What this means is that if your road qualifies as non-capitalized asset, NO BOND funds can be used to fix your road. Check with the county to find out if your road qualifies as Capitalized Asset. If it doesn’t, you’re paying for bonds that will not fix your road. County Administrator Huckelberry claims funds to fix non-capitalized asset roads will come from “ongoing annual revenue.” If we don’t have the revenue now to fix and maintain our roads, how will we have it in the future? If we keep spending beyond our means on unnecessary projects such as over priced bowling alleys, golf courses, and other non-essential projects, we will never have enough money to fix our roads. Just say “NO” to the bonds. Demand the Board of Supervisors prioritize projects and cut unnecessary spending. Live within our means. Fixing our roads with bond money is like buying your groceries on a credit card with a high interest rate. We must demand the supervisors dedicate our annual HURF/VLT revenues to fixing the roads (est. $91 million this year). And, in doing so, we will not require additional bond debt or increased taxes to pay for an already inflated $1.3 billion dollar budget. Vote “NO” on the bonds!
JoAnn di Filippo, PhD – District 3
Sandy Russell – District 2
Helen Dominguez – District 1

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