Please vote NO on the road bonds! By state law, road building and repair is a top priority for counties. But THIS county has been misdirecting MILLIONS in highway and gasoline revenue FOR YEARS.  Now these same Supervisors who have let your roads go to pieces WANT EVEN MORE OF YOUR MONEY! How crazy is that? Where do they spend their millions? A bowling alley! A golf course! More land that they don’t need! A hydrogen balloon explosion! (THAT misadventure will run in the TENS OF MILLIONS!) But not roads. Don’t let them get away with it! They should and COULD do everything needed for our roads out of the regular budget of $1.35 BILLION—per year! Supervisor Miller has shown how the money necessary could come from the general fund. Go to The info there is an eye-opener. The best solution for our roads is to elect a NEW BOARD MAJORITY in 2020! Then your money will get allocated properly—as it should have been all along. Bonding is the government equivalent of credit card spending—with lots of interest. And this County wants to keep your credit card maxed out! They even mislead you by saying it won’t raise your taxes, instead of telling you about the sizable tax REDUCTION you would get if you vote NO.
This Board doesn’t deserve more of your hard earned money. Vote NO by mail or in November and YES to a new Board majority in November 2020. Please don’t waver. Show them you won’t stand
for any more of their deception. (BTW, the “NO” writers in this pamphlet are spending their own money to try and save you yours. Don’t be fooled by “YES” advice from Supervisor cronies with conflicts of interest.)

Thanks for reading!
Barney Brenner

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