For the past ten years, Pima County has received on average over $77 million per year in gas taxes and vehicle license taxes. These taxes are specifically levied for the purposes of road maintenance and construction. Pima County has an annual budget of well over $1 billion per year. The dilapidated state of the roads throughout the county clearly indicate that money allocated for road maintenance is being directed elsewhere. Instead the monies are going to other priorities as directed by the County Administrator and the majority on the Pima County Board of Supervisors. There is nothing to indicate that the new bond measure, which will substantially raise the property taxes of the already highest property-tax-county (that is, Pima County) in AZ, will actually result in more monies being directed to road maintenance and construction. If this bond passes, one can expect more of the same from the past ten years: dilapidated roads, higher taxes, and nothing to show for it.

Bart Pemberton, Randy Hannon, Tom Metzger, and Patrick McMahon
Long term residents and taxpayers of Tucson, AZ – District 1 of Pima County

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